I am an applied statistician, originally from Melbourne, Australia, and currently in NYC. I am Director of Data Science at Schmidt Futures, a philanthropy. Before that, I was head of data science at frontier markets debt platform startup Lendable.

Previously, I worked at

  • The Data Science for Social Good fellowship at U Chicago on uplift/attribution estimation for the Obamacare outreach effort in Illinois and across the US.
  • The Grattan Institute, mostly on Superannuation policy, including fees, manager performance, mechanism design, and taxation.
  • The Australian Treasury in the macroeconometrics modeling unit, and in the CGE modeling team on the (late) 2011 carbon tax.
  • At the Penny Farthing Bicycle Shop, selling and repairing bicycles. To date, it has been my longest period of continuous employment.

I studied economics/econometrics at universities of Melbourne (MEc) and La Trobe (BEc H1).